Seoul Trip in March: Part 1

It was a dream come true when I finally made my inaugural trip to Seoul in March this year (2017). Being an avid audience of Korean Variety Shows, I have always been fascinated by anything that is Korean.

March in Seoul, is a time when winter is just coming to an end, and spring is peeking in. The weather was supposed to be around 14 degrees celsius, But because of the wind, it was cooler than expected. Nonetheless, I had the most memorable experience and I look forward to visiting Seoul again in the near future.

The trip to Seoul was a packaged trip customised by members of the Women Graduates’ Association. Luckily, a dear friend who was a member of the group offered slots to join the trip, since they were looking for few more people to meet the group target of more than 20 pax. The 8-days trip had cost BND1880 per pax which included return international flights, return domestic flights to Jeju, hotel, meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner) and coach transport. We had to pay separately for travel insurance. We also have a rep from Freme Travel and a korean tourist guide/translator as part of the tour.
Here are few snapshots of my wonderful trip to Seoul..

Bring cash

Since Brunei currency is not accepted in Seoul, it is advisable to bring those currencies that are widely accepted such as the Korean Won, Singapore Dollars and American Dollars. Cash is useful especially if you plan to visit all the markets where they sell affordable souvenirs.

Group of the Women Graduates’ Association and family members posing with the Brunei flat at Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul.

Visit to the Kimchi School was enlightening. I had first hand experience on how to prepare kimchi. After all the hard work, I was able to taste some fresh seaweeds and cabbage kimchi.


Took the opportunity to doll up wearing the Hanbok, korean traditional dress. It was really comfortable and pretty.

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Myeongdong Market has got to be my favourite place to go as you can get anything there at affordable prices, especially street food. The varieties of things to see was very exciting and memorable.

I ate well throughout the trip. And my favourite korean food have got to be the sweet potatoes, crispy bean sprout, and rice cakes.

One day trip to Jeju Island, truly too short to see everything. Places visited included a traditional village, teddy museum, and Jeju seashore.


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